Las Vegas is known as the 5th Hawaiian Island for a reason. The city has some fantastic Hawaiian food to offer. These are some of the top Hawaiian restaurants in Vegas.

Traditional Hawaiian food is often a result of dishes that were originally imported from the Pacific Polynesian Islands. Although Hawaii now has a variety of different ethnicities, it still retains a strong following for traditional Hawaiian favorites.

These delicious traditional Hawaiian dishes are now our focus. When you’re in Hawaii, make sure you try them all, even in Las Vegas.

Best Hawaiian Food Las Vegas

There are so many great Hawaiian restaurants in Las Vegas. Here are some that take the top spot for food on the island.

Aloha Hawaiian BBQ Las Vegas

Aloha Hawaiian BBQ Las Vegas has some of the best Hawaiian food in Las Vegas. Aloha Hawaiian BBQ locations is located in Las Vegas and specialize in seafood dishes such as shrimp, fried mahi mahi, and fried scallops. You can also order oxtail soup.

It’s no wonder that Hawaiian restaurants are crowded. The culinary heart of Hawaii is poi, haupia, kalua pork, lomi salmon, and haupia. They are as integral to island life as surf sessions, shaka signs and windward showers.

The locals get started early. The first food that is given to children on the islands is Poi. By the time they reach adulthood, the kids are already planning the meals at home in their favorite Hawaiian restaurants.

Here are some helpful tips for those who have never had Hawaiian cuisine in Las Vegas. These are the steps to help you eat like a Vegas local.

Island Style

Spam is an island staple, so Island Style fans love their fried rice with Spam. You can also find Korean favorites at this restaurant like bulgogi on the menu.

Poke is the Hawaiian version of Japanese sushi and is a form of raw fish. I love poke and am addicted. Poke is my favorite food when I return to Hawaii for family visits or in Las Vegas.

Hawaiian poke can be prepared in small, hearty pieces instead of being sliced thinly like Japanese sashimi. Although tuna is the most popular type of fish, there are many other types of fresh seawater fish that are used quite often in Las Vegas Hawaiian restaurants.

Lulu Hawaiian BBQ

Lulu Hawaiian BBQ Las Vegas offers a variety of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, including Spam plates and chicken katsu. You can also order teriyaki bowls or Hawaiian barbecue dishes with eggs as an alternative to rice.

Taro is an established plant in Hawaii and Polynesia. Poi can be made with the roots of taro, but laulau can be made using the leaves of Las Vegas

Traditional laulau was made from pork that has been wrapped in layers and covered with taro leaves. The meat is then cooked underground in a hot rock oven until the leaves turn soft and fragrant. The meat becomes tender and succulent, while the leaves become spinach-like. You can find laulau of pork, chicken and fish in Hawaii today. Now you can get it in Las Vegas.

Best Hawaiian Restaurants in Las Vegas

It’s tough to choose the best Hawaiian Restaurant in Las Vegas. You’re going to have to eat at them all during your next trip to Las Vegas.